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Every day the outdoors become more familiar to me as I adventure deeper into the wild backyard that is my province, but really, outside has always felt most like home. Even before I found my way to chasing waterfalls and climbing through canyons I spent my best days at ease basking on a familiar boulder, under the perfect shady tree or with my toes in the water. Living in a city embraced by ocean and forestation on all sides, it always seemed this was just the normal way of life.

These days I realize that existing somewhere with constant access to true wilderness and many likeminded people to explore with isn’t the way most people experience life. There is something about living by the sea that gets into peoples’ being and pulls them further and further outdoors and this is especially true as the days get longer and winter starts to fall away.

After months of traveling as much as I’ve been home, the past few weeks have provided me the much needed opportunity to reconnect with my beautiful province and some people who love exploring it as much as I do. In only one day you’ll find me on a plane to a far-away place, but looking through these snapshots already has me feeling some kind of homesick which is the best testament to the beauty of the east coast I can imagine.

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